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On Thursday 20 October, NEOMA Business School Rouen campus hosted the second edition of Déclic Day. Organised by the student society Déclic’Entreprendre, the purpose of this festival of entrepreneurship and innovation was to discuss the careers of the future and to recruit students for internships and first jobs.

Thanks to the participation of more than 70 start-ups and large firms (see the complete list on declicday.co), the event was a huge success!

Throughout the day, more than fifteen hundred students took part in workshops and lectures by experienced professionals, and showed how keen they were to join these young firms.

“With this event we hope to popularise the innovation ecosystem and train students for the jobs of the future. It provides a real boost for their future career! They meet start-up firms, most of which are relatively unknown, they find exciting internships and discover new technologies. Being part of NEOMA BS includes demonstrating our entrepreneurial spirit with pride!” Quentin le Gall, President of Déclic’Entreprendre

We’ll be back in 2017 for the next edition!