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On Monday, 27 January, school dean Delphine Manceau, the corporate relations teams and the NEOMA Foundation hosted the school’s partner companies for the annual dinner, which has now become a highly valued tradition.

entreprises diner partenaires jan20 1
For the last two years, particular attention was given to the introductions between the companies and the professors in order to foster their collaboration on research projects.

For the third year, focus was placed on NEOMA’s commitments towards diversity and social inclusion, which provides support and assistance to the education and employability of the school’s students.

{popup youtube="t-FJSoZVK2o"}Dîner des Partenaires de NEOMA Business School - 3ème édition{/popup}
No worthy student should have to give up on an education at NEOMA for financial reasons”, Delphine Manceau said before returning to the school’s recent successes and the major ongoing transformations at the school in the fields of education, digital technology, international studies and architecture.

entreprises diner partenaires jan20 2Jacky Lintignat, president of the NEOMA Foundation, then presented the new scholarship programme that was set up in 2019 while explaining how vital the support from businesses was in helping the school keep its promises.

Céline Davesne, director of programmes and international studies, and Alain Goudey, digital transformation director, presented to the attendees the different pedagogic innovations and the student experience, which is tied to the professions of tomorrow, the habits of the new generations and the expectations of companies for their future employees.

Finally, two of NEOMA’s partner companies, Crédit Agricole du Nord Est and Caisse d'Épargne Grand Est Europe, spoke of their long-standing involvement with the school. In keeping with their values as well as their recruitment needs, their support reflects their desire to contribute to the diversity of student profiles.

All of the attendees left delighted with these discussions that “corporate relations and the foundation will continue to support and nurture throughout the coming months in order to maintain the sold, historical connections between NEOMA and businesses,” Claudine Benhennou said, corporate relations director of NEOMA Business School and general delegate of the NEOMA Foundation.