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Need a personal coach who will help you act and consume sustainably and  keep you up-to-date on current ecological issues? Meet Azalearth, the new start-up incubated by NEOMA BS since February 2019 and currently being developed by Hugo Miramon, a 2018 Master in Management graduate.

I realised that what we really need is a service to encourage people to recycle and inform them about environmental issues whilst trying to limit pollution and the increase in the amount of plastic waste in the oceans. What motivates me is helping people realise that we only have one planet and that we are reaching the point of no return... Now is the time to act to protect it! And if one day I see any of my users picking up a cigarette butt on the street or litter on a beach, that will be my proudest achievement.

The AZALEARTH chatbot will allow users to access advice on simple everyday actions, information on recycling times and news related to the environmental situation around the world. In addition, you will also be able to discover the ecological strategies implemented by the city where you live, refuse collection schedules, the location of community refrigerators to deposit your food when you go on holiday etc. A great initiative we look forward to discovering!