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RSE diversité
RSE diversité

To celebrate International Disability Day on December 3, the School’s Diversity Mission organised a contest for the students. The event proved to be a huge success with more than 600 participants!

“We are very happy with the number of participants, which shows that this inaugural competition was highly appreciated and that our students are sensitive to disability issues,” says a delighted Céline Articlaut, Diversity Project Manager.

Every day from Monday 30 November to Wednesday 2 December 2020, the NEOMA students were invited to answer one of the following questions:

  1. What is the origin of the word ‘handicap’?
  2. What percentage of disabilities are hidden?
  3. What does “RQTH” stand for?​Have a go at finding the answers.

Then on December 3rd, a draw was held to select one winner per campus from the 1,056 correct answers.

Nourou, winner of Paris campus, comments: “It was an effective way to learn more about how people with disabilities cope every day. Attitudes towards disability have changed over the last few years, but there is still a long way to go to ensure people with disabilities are accepted in society, especially on the job market. Business Schools and companies alike need to communicate more and more on these issues. Such contests as these are a fun way of communicating on important subjects.”

Clothilde, winner of the Reims campus, also testifies to her participation: “I found this idea of a competition intelligent since it was a way of making us aware about handicap and of attracting our attention thanks to the possible gain. The sum of 50 € to be won at RecycLivre also made sense, since it is a way of promoting a company committed in a more responsible way of consuming. Thanks to the videos we could learn more about the different disabilities and how to work with people with these disabilities. I think it is essential to educate ourselves on this theme to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. I myself have a member of my family with a mental handicap and I am aware of the difficulties that this generates.

The Diversity Mission action is in line with NEOMA’s desire to encourage access to higher education for as many people as possible, whatever their social, geographical and cultural background and whatever their gender or disability.

Correct answers:
Question 1: What is the origin of the word ‘handicap’?
 – Answer: comes from an old English barter game entitled ‘hand in cap’
 – For more information:
Question 2: What percentage of disabilities are hidden?
– Answer: 80%.
 – To find out more:
Hidden Disability
Question 3: What does ‘RQTH’ stand for? (in French)
– Answer : Reconnaissance de la Qualité de Travailleur Handicapé (Recognition of Quality of Disabled Worker)
– To find out more: ‘RQTH‘ or Situating Disability