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Thematics :

Students on our Advanced Master’s in Corporate Communication Strategies will work with Drivy, the flagship French-Tech company (platform for car-hire between individuals) in 2016-2017, to optimise their communication strategy. This assignment will be the students’ “Consulting Project” throughout the year, and they will develop an entire communication plan. The objective is to help Drivy recruit new customers.

The challenge is an important one for Drivy as Camille Henry, the Communication Manager (2013 Master in Management graduate), explains: “Drivy is not yet an established brand and its awareness is still quite low, so this is both a sizeable challenge and an opportunity for the students, who will have a free hand to develop their own communication strategy. With their new perspective, the NEOMA BS students will really help us develop the brand Drivy.” 

With this new partnership, Drivy will offer the students an opportunity to put what they learn into practice immediately.

The project is entirely in line with the experiential approach of the Advanced Master’s in Corporate Communication Strategies, which aims to train multi-skilled experts to develop, implement, adjust and assess communication strategies, and who can adapt to the new challenges of their profession set by the digital revolution and globalisation.