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Organised on Thursday, 17 November 2022 by the French Minister of Solidarity, Independence and People with Disabilities, the fifth edition of DuoDay was a chance for students at NEOMA to discover a company or a profession and develop a professional network. Here they talk about their experiences.

“Two HR employees talked to me about the profiles Ardian is looking for, about what I would like to do in the future and about our respective career paths. Then, I spent the morning with Jean François, head of Project Senior, who explained to me how the company operated and the bases of private equity and investment funds, which until then had been very abstract to me. It was really interesting because it was very educational. It was a great discussion.

“We then had lunch with the team. The internal auditor joined us and she offered to help me with my future internships.

“I could see the daily work in the finance infrastructure departments, and what they do in LBO (buyout) and real estate. I also met with the accounting and managerial auditing departments (which was not originally listed in the schedule) because I had talked about them that morning, which was a really nice thing for them to do!” Garance, GBBA student at NEOMA meeting with Ardian, investment company.


“During the day, I attended a meeting with a client. The project was explained to me beforehand, and I could understand its challenges and the work the consultant did on it. I then spoke with a consultant. She talked to me about her education and career, explained to me a typical day at work and gave me a lot of advice for working for a consulting firm. I was also able to talk with the recruitment team for junior employees,” Benjamin, Master in Management student, at EY Parthénon

“Again this year, NEOMA’s partner companies that support Mission Handicap made themselves available to our students. This dedicated professional mentoring offers a wealth of guidance and advice and is a highlight of each track.” Céline Articlaut, head of social and environmental transition at NEOMA