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Thematics :

The 18th Social Sciences Research Days SFER-INRAE-CIRAD (2024 JRSS), co-organised by the NEOMA Chair in Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, will be held on the school’s Reims campus on 5 and 6 December 2024. These days stand as a major meeting of the Francophone scientific community for the human, social and economic sciences, working in the fields of farming, fishing, forestry, food supply, the environment, the bioceconomy and regional and sustainable development.

Businesses and policy stakeholders have crucial choices to make in these areas for the future. The current geopolitical context adds new issues to these decisions. These choices must integrate concerns over climate change, natural resources management, food security, regional land management and planning, organisation governance, the transformation of productive models and economic competitiveness.

The research: innovate solutions for tomorrow

The researchers’ role is to inform decision makers and support players involved in the changes that need to be made. The objective of the Social Sciences Research Days (JRSS) is to present and debate the original studies within the multi-disciplinary community in order to identify new research frontiers and produce ideas and innovative solutions for tomorrow, both in the European Union and the rest of the world.

Main topics at the 2024 JRSS

Agricultural production, natural resources management and the environment

  • Farm dynamics, changes and performance, revenues
  • Bioeconomy, circular economy, energy, wood and forests
  • Producer organisation, collective action, farming consulting and unionism
  • Agricultural work and changes to practices
  • Farming and environmental policies, agroecological transition
  • Natural resource access and management, biodiversity, ecosystem services, water and energy
  • Environmental risk management, climate change

Rural and urban regions and their development

  • Public action, social movement and common and regional governance
  • Social innovation, social and solidarity economy, entrepreneurship and regions
  • Climate challenges and responsible innovation ecosystems
  • Rural/urban interactions, rural demographics, migrations, inequalities and poverty in rural areas
  • Regions and spaces: usage conflicts, multi-functionality, land issues, sustainable towns and cities

Agro-food sectors and food consumption

  • Value chain strategy and governance, companies, cooperatives
  • Organisation of sectors, including viticulture, transformation, logistics, distribution, community circuits
  • Changes in behaviours, practices and food consumption
  • Health safety food quality and quality guarantee processes and certifications
  • Regional food systems, urban farming, food equality and justice, health

Development and international trade

  • Food safety, migrations, conflicts, pandemics
  • Global food systems and food, nutritional and environmental politics
  • International markets and trade, competitiveness, multilateral/bilateral trade agreements

The 2024 JRSS are co-organised by the Chair in Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development at NEOMA Business School, with financial support from



  • 08/07/24: proposals and special sessions
  • 09/09/24: communication proposals (including the young researcher awards)
For more information and application submissions