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Thematics :

Once again this year, NEOMA Business School programmes have achieved outstanding results in the 2018 Eduniversal ranking of the best Masters and MBA programmes, demonstrating both our School’s academic excellence and the alignment of its programmes with corporate and market needs.

The originality and the strength of this ranking is that it combines feedback from HR professionals, schools, and students registered on the programmes concerned. This tripartite approach makes the ranking a realistic inventory of each programme’s positioning and relevance in its market.

Our Advanced Master programmes:
•   Master in International Financial Analysis: no. 8
•   Master in Business Development and Key Account Management: no. 1
•   Master in Corporate Communication Strategies: no. 1
•   Master in Marketing Research and Decision Making: no. 4
•   Master in Marketing and Data Analytics: no. 2
Our Masters of Science:
•    MSc in Global Management: no. 11
•    MSc in International Project Development: no. 8
•    MSc in Marketing French Excellence: no. 6
•    MSc in Supply Chain Management: no. 8

Innovation awards:
MSc Finance
MSc in Digital & Innovative Supply Chain

Our Executive MBA: no. 7

Each programme is assessed using three criteria: its reputation, particularly with professionals, graduate opportunities and salaries, and the satisfaction of recent graduates.
All of these criteria reveal the programme’s ability to guarantee its graduates a quality career track…

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