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Thematics :

After Reims, which reached the final last year, our students from Enactus NEOMA BS - Rouen will represent France at the 2016 Enactus World Cup!
Each year Enactus takes part in the National Enactus Competition, at which twenty or so student teams present social entrepreneurship projects to a jury made up of around 40 company heads, not-for-profit organisation presidents and other economic players. This year, with their “Eco Cuiseur” project the Rouen campus team were awarded the title of Enactus France National Champions. They will therefore be flying the colours for France in Toronto, on 28-30 September! The “éco cuiseur” is an economical, ecological wood-burning cooker that aims to replace the three-stone cooker in West Africa. It has several advantages:

  • It uses eight times less wood than other cookers, and to reduces deforestation,
  • It reduces Co2 emissions, meaning that women inhale much less of this dangerous gas,
  • The production and sale of the cookers creates employment