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Enactus Rouen wins a prize at Enactus Festival of June 2021
Enactus Rouen wins a prize at Enactus Festival of June 2021

NEOMA students working towards the creation of a better world with Enactus Reims received the Engagement Award, whilst Enactus Rouen won the ‘Coup de Coeur’ Award at the Enactus Festival.

Almost 200 people attended the Enactus Festival, the national competition organised by Enactus France, on June 3rd. The event brings together high school and university students, professors and professionals to acknowledge and celebrate solidarity projects initiated by young people who are committed to building the world of today and tomorrow. Students from the NEOMA associations, Enactus Reims and Enactus Rouen, also made the trip to the event, hich was not in vain!

Jury’s Favourite Project award by the Vinci Autoroute Foundation for Enactus Rouen ‘Pay your compost’ project

Staff from the event’s partner, the Vinci Autoroute Foundation, voted to award Enactus Rouen’s ‘Pay your compost’ (Paye ton compost) project with the Jury’s Favourite Project award (the ‘prix coup de coeur’). Through a partnership developed with a local farmer, Enactus Rouen collects compostable waste from the School’s students and teachers, which the local farmer then exchanges for vouchers to buy their produce. “We are extremely proud to receive this prize, which acknowledges our association’s  flagship project launched three years ago during Starting Days,” says Maxime Nativel, the association’s treasurer. “The €1,000 we are to receive will help us develop this project even further, especially with a new communication campaign and the development of solutions to facilitate the transport of compost buckets.”

Commitment Prize for two projects of Enactus Reims

Enactus Reims, on the other hand, was awarded the Commitment Prize for two projects, acknowledging the students’ determination throughout the year. The first project, ‘Welc’Home’, was created in 2015 to provide integration support for refugees in Reims, in particular by offering French courses, partnerships with local companies to help find work and assistance with administrative procedures, etc. The second project, ‘Recycl’Hub’, is an application that promotes and facilitates selective waste sorting that was  launched in September 2020 and which won a prize at the Enactus ‘Révéler Grand Est’ event held last January. Guerric Hingray, Vice President of Enactus Reims would like to “congratulate all the students involved in these two projects for their hard work despite the very complex year we have just been through. This is the consecration of a year’s commitment and we are all very proud of them.”

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