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Thematics :

Students in the TEMA programme at NEOMA spent an intensive week of English immersion in the metaverse.

‘Welcome to the Metaverse where Fiction meets Reality’

NEOMA professors created this new language course with support from the school’s digital department.

In a role-playing scenario, one group of students played managers responsible for implementing a digital revolution in a not-too-distant future. The other students were their employees who were rather resistant to the idea. The avatars met on the NEOMA virtual campus where the group of managers had to convince the others to accept this new vision by using a format of their choice (interview, news broadcast, sketch, etc.) and of course, all done in English.

‘We were inspired by an UPLEGESS course (Union of Professors of Foreign Languages at Business Schools and in Higher Education) called ‘The Metaverse, Opportunities for Language and Culture Education’. In preparing this course, we discovered a fascinating new world that opened up numerous possibilities for teaching and for the future world of work’, said Jacqui Seymour and Naomi Vallejo, professors of English at NEOMA.




Victor, TEMA student at NEOMA

“The intensive week gave me the opportunity to think about the importance and impact that all these new technologies will have on our society. I immediately took to this subject because I have experience with NFTs and digital art forms”.






Lazare, TEMA student at NEOMA

“The week of studies in the metaverse was very interesting and enriching. And I achieved the goal I set for myself: to talk about all these subjects in English!”



Associated programme

TEMA Tech & Management

TEMA is a unique 5-year programme offering an innovative curriculum combining management, technology and creativity, paired with ground-breaking teaching methods.
  • Full time
  • 5 years
  • Paris from the 1st to the 2nd year, Reims