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On 15 May, our Rouen campus was delighted to host the fourth edition of the event “Powered by NEOMA BS.” Funded by BNP Paribas and KPMG and organised by the Chair in Business Models & Entrepreneurial Innovation, the day was an opportunity to pay tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of our School’s community.

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All those with a passion for entrepreneurship took part in a wide variety of activities: informal meetings between students, alumni and venture capitalists, a sales pitch competition, an exceptional talk by a successful entrepreneur and the distribution of prizes.

This year, the guest of honour was Jean-Louis Louvel, founding President of the group Palettes Gestion Services (PGS), a genuine “Made in France” success story, the winner of the 2012 entrepreneur of the year award and 2013 autodidact of the year. After speaking to the various project leaders in the start-up competition, he gave them practical advice from his own experience during his outstanding lecture.