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Sébastien and Caroline, respectively NEOMA BS alumnus and student, present Amogado (www.amogado.com), “the new website that shakes up your daily life.” Sébastien, 27, who in 2013 graduated from the Specialised Master programme in Business Development and Key Accounts Management, is one of the co-founders of Amogado. Caroline, 20, a student in our Master Grande Ecole programme, is the Brand Shaker.

Hi Sébastien, hi Caroline, can you present Amogado.com for us?
Caroline: Hi, Amogado is a new website that talks about new, trendy innovative brands.  In fact more than just talking about them, you can win every single product with your friends in team competitions.

How did you get the idea for the project?
Sébastien: When I left the agency I was working for, there was just one thing I wanted to do: go to Australia. But I wanted to go there with a project, not just go for the sake of it. I wanted to develop French brands abroad. During the trip, the idea developed and matured.  When I got back, I joined up with some friends in different age groups and from different backgrounds. Together, we combined several ideas to give birth to Amogado. A three-in-one product developed for the web.

In what way is your project different? What is its value added?
Sébastien: Today, the trend is towards communities.  Our generation is totally connected; it wants to concentrate on essentials, to get what it wants as quickly as possible. The proof of this is in sites such as Uber, Air BnB and Trip Advisor. The strength of these sites is the users, and it’s the same for Amogado. The team competitions respond to the need for a community, because you play together and you win together. If you don’t win the draw, you win anyway, because when you agree to receive special offers from the brands you also get good bargains (discounts).
Caroline: Apart from using viral marketing viral via social networks and recommendation marketing, another of the project’s assets is the team.  We are all very different, whether in terms of age, skills, career, aims or interests. That means we always have new ideas to develop the project.
Sébastien: Another unique point is our slogan “everyday agitator.” Another thing our generation wants is novelty and adrenalin. With our site we want to get under their skin, above all we want to satisfy and spread their need for permanent excitement.

How has the project gone so far?
Sébastien: As far as the brands are concerned, Amogado has started very well. In two months, more than a hundred brands, large and small, have agreed to work with us on principle. Now we can’t wait for the launch of the site to see what the reaction of internet users will be.

What are your objectives?
Sébastien: By the end of the year, in other words three months after the launch of the site, we hope that Amogado will start to be talked about on the web by shaking up the brands and the everyday life of internet users.  We also want the idea of the team competitions  to develop and our audience to develop on its own by going viral.  

To what extent is being a current or former NEOMA BS student an advantage?
Caroline: Throughout my first year, the NEOMA BS MGE programme helped me acquire new skills.  This internship has given me the opportunity to put them into practice immediately, to help a really inspiring project.  The launch of a new company, in addition to the fact that it’s my first professional experience has made the internship a unique experience.
Sébastien: As for me, my Specialised Master in Business Development and Key Account Management gave me access to and the benefit of the huge network of NEOMA BS alumni. Today, it’s a genuine advantage for me, because a network is a major asset if you want to succeed.

A funny story?
Caroline: A few weeks ago, we had an appointment with De Fursac, the men’s suits brand.  But Sébastien had completely forgotten! So, he was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and trainers. He was not very comfortable with the idea of arriving at the offices of a firm that’s famous for its suits so casually dressed.  When we got there, we were met by the brand’s press officer: he was wearing exactly the same clothes as Sébastien! So you really can’t judge a book by its cover!

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