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Constructing and Developing a project that has a social purpose and makes business sense is a daunting task, but one that attracts more and more young people.
Obtaining finance and legal and tax advice, setting up sustainable partnerships… The NEOMA BS – URCA Social Economy Chair and its partners want to help solve all these issues.

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For Social Economy month and as part of Reims Métropole Student Entrepreneurship Week, the NEOMA BS – URCA Social & Solidarity Economy Chair organised an event on Thursday 20 November entitled “Alternative entrepreneurship, yes but how?”

The day opened with a round table discussion between entrepreneurs, advisor and researchers. The discussions dealt with the choice of legal status: non-profit, cooperative, or a “traditional” SARL or SAS. Each status has its advantages and drawbacks. What is essential is to make sure your choice corresponds to your project and how it will develop. It is for example quite possible to start a project as a non-profit organisation and then transform it into a cooperative manufacturing company.

In the afternoon, different project leaders and anyone looking for guidance could take part in workshops focusing on creativity, or on organising and developing a project with entrepreneurs at different stages of their project and specialist social economy advisors: an interactive experience that will be worth repeating!

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