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At the end of September 2023, participants from NEOMA Global Executive MBA programme embarked on a transformative journey to Accra, Ghana, as part of their International Learning Experience session.

The primary focus of this excursion revolved around social entrepreneurship, allowing them to immerse themselves in West Africa’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape.

Commitment to positive societal change meets profitability

Through their visits to local companies and incubators, the participants gained valuable insights that expanded their understanding of the region and highlighted the role of businesses in addressing societal challenges.

Since Ghana is among the rapidly developing countries in West Africa, part of this experience was devoted to exploring technology-driven solutions. They exchanged with Ghanaian entrepreneurs, delving into various aspects like economics, politics, innovation, and future perspectives.

All the company visits were informative and constructive. Agriculture, healthcare, innovation, incubators… sectors that undeniably have an impact on society. All these businesses are profitable and benefit the people of Ghana and perhaps even beyond its borders.

We have witnessed the powerful intersection between social impact and economic performance. We explored a range of social enterprises, demonstrating how profitability aligns perfectly with a deep commitment to positive societal change. Our gratitude extends to the leaders who welcomed us and shared their visions with us” adds Sami Attaoui, NEOMA Global Executive MBA Director.

Our participants concluded this journey with newly established connections and an invigorated perspective on various business topics.



“If I had to describe this experience in one word, it would be broadening. Seeing in firsthand, visiting intelligent brilliant and engaging entrepreneurs that we got to visit on this trip has really broaden my view of potential business opportunities in Africa and have a more global view of really any industry to consider how the work you do impacts not only the market you’re in but other markets particularly in developing world.” says Ben, NEOMA Global Executive MBA participant.

Antoine, describes this International Learning Experience as impactful. “Impactful in terms of social, financial and on the community. I have learned a lot about this country and this experience really increase my perspective in term of business.”

The last day, all the GEMBA Participants meet with Carole Ramella, Member of the Advisory Board Member of NOBON Advisory Board. An inspiring conversation about resilient entrepreneurship, fostering development through financial inclusion, and the crucial mindset change necessary for growth.

“After all what I saw and all the visits we had, the meeting with Carole, NEOMA Alumni, made a particularly strong impression on me. Her experience is very inspiring me and she put me on the right thwack to go through Africa and get contact and how culture could play a crucial role in investing in Africa”, underlines Samira, NEOMA Global Executive MBA.

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