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Thematics :

Creation of two new centres, thematic workshops and cultural outings… the 50 members of the solidarity-focused student society on NEOMA Rouen campus have not wasted any time getting involved with the 200 participants they tutor.

Two projects completed

For Envie D’Sup, the student society working for equal opportunity on the Rouen campus through the Cordées de la Réussite programme, the past few months have been very busy. “Since the start of the school year, we have completed two major projects started by the previous teams,” explains Baptiste Gardair, society President. “The creation of a “Pôle Quatrième” unit, which allows Year 9 (8th Grade) secondary school pupils to join the initiative (previously Year 10) and the launch of the ‘Pôle PHARES’ for pupils with disabilities.”

Workshops twice a month

As well as these two new units, which have expanded the society’s campaign for equal opportunities, the 50 Envie D’Sup tutors have continued to hold workshops and cultural outings. In total, 200 secondary and high school pupils have come to the campus every two weeks on Wednesday afternoon, for sports, orientation, ecology or gender equality activities and evening theatre outings.


Inter-association cooperation

“One of my projects for Envie D’Sup is also to work with the other NEOMA associations as much as possible. This year, we have workshops with HeForShe, the sports office, Ethika, Sailaway and Bee Responsable. They add extra knowledge and novelty to our initiatives. The participants really appreciate these workshops,” says Baptiste.

“The young pupils’ smiles and enthusiasm and their desire to meet up and discover new things are a pleasure to see. Just like the motivation and involvement of Envie D’Sup’s members. Hats off to them for their commitment, which is an irreplaceable driving force for equal opportunities!” adds Virginie Milaire, Diversity & Environment Officer at NEOMA.