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Thematics :

At the beginning of October, NEOMA welcomed the first class of the MSc in Sustainability Transformations outside of its gates at Campus de la Transition in Forges. Over two days the students attended workshops so they could gain grounded insight into current environmental issues. They explored the concepts and methods that will guide us toward leading a more sustainable way of life in the future; they dove into the issues of planetary limits; they imagined a low-carbon future and all the actions to implement for reduced energy consumption.

As for the basis of their programme, the decarbonisation of business models, regulatory aspects and change management will be the core of the curriculum. “The positive transformation of companies requires the skills of an orchestra conductor to drive it forward”, Delphine Manceau, NEOMA Business School Dean, said. “In the context of the key regulatory obligations pertaining to extra-financial performance, the importance lies in learning to have different managerial departments cooperate on cross-functional projects”.

The MSc in Sustainability Transformations was co-created by NEOMA and EY. The auditing and consulting firm chose to invest their time and energy in the programme, in keeping with their philosophy “Building a Better Working World”. For twenty-five years, the firm has worked alongside its clients to create more sustainable economic models. Through this partnership, NEOMA students will have direct access to the best practices and reference sources on the market. Just like EY, BMW Group France wanted to work with NEOMA and contribute to the course.

Associated programme

MSc Sustainability Transformations

Become a change-maker for a sustainable future
  • Full time
  • 15 months
  • Reims