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Combining theory, practice, professional experience, the latest technological impact and true-to-life marketing cases: a bit of a tall order? No, not really!

The 5th edition of Marketing, a book co-written by Paolo Antonetti, associate marketing professor at NEOMA, and 3 others*, answers all these questions. Published by Oxford University Press (OUP), the book offers a summary of the most important marketing theories and a large selection of case studies.

The connection between marketing theory and practice is made explicit through a number of examples and market studies involving companies as diverse as Dolce & Gabbana, Groupon, KBC Bank, but also SMEs, NGOs and social and solidarity enterprises.

Case Studies that Embrace the Complexity of Marketing

antonetti paolo 2019 2The book deals with 18 real business cases. Each case is enhanced by an interview with a marketing specialist. "This allows us to address the problems that arise in real life and to see how professionals go about solving them," says Paolo Antonetti..

The cases reflect a truly global context and include, for example, an analysis of advertising in the Middle East, the Soberana marketing case in Panama and LEGO's expansion into foreign markets.

Co-tackling burning issues and latest developments

The in-depth coverage of current topics such as the co-creation of value, social media marketing and the exploration of issues related to show-rooming, political micro-targeting, fast-fashion and femvertising make this book a work of reference when it comes to exploring such themes. One chapter is also dedicated to Ethics and sustainable development.

The latest technologies, mobile applications and social networks are also explored, particularly on how their use can form the foundations of innovative marketing strategies.

Job-seeking advice

The book also discusses the general and soft skills marketing professionals need to develop. Through close collaboration with companies, marketing professionals discuss the qualities they are looking for in future employees and the key elements required to create the perfect CV!

ANTONETTI, P., P.BAINES, S.ROSENGREN, Marketing – fifth edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford, Royaume-Uni, 2019 - More information


>Paul Baines, professor of marketing political marketing at the Universty of Leicester (UK),
>Chris Fill, Senior Lecture rate the University of Portsmouth (UK)
>Sara Rosengren, professor of marketing at the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden)