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Thematics :

Catherine Karyotis, Professor of Banking and Market Finance at NEOMA, published the eighth edition of L'essentiel de la bourse et des marchés de capitaux (The Essentials of the Stock Market and Capital Markets) with Gualino publishers in March 2020. The principal techniques used in stock market investment are presented in a clear, concise manner in this book.

karyotis catherine 2We begin with the economic role of the Stock Market and the way it functions, and then the commodities traded. But to invest in the financial markets, you need to open a securities account so that you can then place orders on the various Euronext trading markets. Then the investor must choose their securities and knowingly manage their portfolio.
But the Stock Exchange is not the only capital market; there is alongside it the money market, the derivative markets and the currency markets which are also presented so that the reader gains an overall view of the capital markets.
Then the mechanisms at close of trading known as securities settlement are described. Finally, the last chapter lists all the terms and principal techniques presented in the book in the form of a glossary.

Key points:
• Review and updated overview
• A meticulous, practical and up-to-date overview in written form of the knowledge the reader needs to have of this subject.
• The main points of essential knowledge on this subject

Source: website of the publisher Gualino, Collection Carrés Rouges