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Thematics :

The army contributes to advanced management training.
Faced with the challenges of an instable, relentlessly changing economic environment, firms and their managers have to constantly rethink their strategy, organisation and management. When uncertainty becomes the norm, it is essential to develop a collective sense of decision making and initiative.
The NEOMA Business School Executive MBA delivers a seminar as part of its curriculum called “Out of your comfort zone."

Organised by naval commandos at the naval fusiliers camp in Lorient, the Executive MBA students follow a course of endurance and “mental attitude” training that immediately tests their decision-making and management skills in unfamiliar situations. The course has several learning objectives: rapid decision-making under pressure, development and implementation of strategy/tactics.

Some testimonies from year group 18 after their course in June 2014:

“I particularly enjoyed the demonstration of professionalism and adaptation on the mart of the management, and the focus on military values and strategy that are transferable to business development.
The course develops team spirit, self-confidence and trust in others.”
Daniel B-P, EMBA Year 18

“The naval officers succeeded in the difficult exercise of placing the cursor just where it was needed to compromise the comfort zone of untrained civilian managers.
From physical to management exercises, everything was done to take us progressively towards our limits, to shake our ability to decide and to force us to manage ourselves outside the comfort zone.
The individual and collective debriefing sessions by our field managers about our ability to lead a group were a real moment of truth and will without doubt help us to reposition ourselves professionally but also personally...”
Yanick S, EMBA Year 18

“A unique course in the curriculum, which highlighted and developed the human relationships and values that are necessary to live together in a group made up of very different personalities … A memorable occasion!”
Bruno B, EMBA Year 18

“This leadership seminar reinforced my ideas about the importance of giving clear, precise orders – or directives in our professional context - to the teams that we manage”
Stéphane R, EMBA Year 18

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