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Thematics :

On 2 March, Squadron Vice-Admiral Christophe Prazuck, and Frank Bostyn, Dean of NEOMA Business School, renewed the agreement between the French Navy and NEOMA Business School for a further three years.

Since 2012, NEOMA Business School and the French Navy have shared their knowledge and skills in higher education and good management practice.

All NEOMA Business School Executive MBA students follow a leadership and acclimatisation course “Pressure Management” at the School for Fusiliers Marins in Lorient. The teaching methods are inspired by those used to train officers at Naval School.
The programme’s director, Svetlana Serdyukov, considers that the course is totally in line with the experiential pedagogic approach developed by the Executive MBA, which favours learning methods rooted in experience, real life and the world of work.
The course takes place at the end of the programme, as the culmination of the work carried out by the students over the previous 18 months on different forms of management and leadership. It is thus consistent with the whole of the EMBA curriculum.

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