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Challenges and new business models. A study carried out in January of this year by the Boston Consulting Group pictures Africa on the rise, as illustrated in particular by a sharp increase in visits to the continent by the heads of major world groups, and for very good reasons….
More than ever before Africa is a subject that should be covered by a programme such as the Executive MBA that seeks to prepare its participants for managerial-level responsibilities. High on the list of these responsibilities is to remain aware at all times of the latest upward trends, of which Africa is clearly one example…

We at NEOMA have therefore chosen to base our second Study Tour across three French and English-speaking destinations in Western and Central Africa as of the next entering Executive MBA class. This will give our future heads of companies a genuine opportunity to grasp new business models, cultural levers, different approaches to business and to meet a number of the African and western groups operating in the area.    

Cameroon, the Ivory Coast and Ghana are and will be of particular interest to programme participants as these countries are having to deal with the realities of competition from some of the world’s main economic players.

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