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Thematics :

As a result of his research into the influence of music on consumer behaviour, Alain Goudey, Professor of Marketing at NEOMA Business School (Reims campus) and also Associate Director of AtooMedia, was one of the authors of the book Marketing Sensoriel du Point de Vente, published by Dunod in February 2013. His thesis and his work published in different French and International scientific journals also resulted in him being invited to take part in the 11th "Semaine du Son" which began on 27 January, whose aim is to make the public at large aware of the social challenges linked to sound.

His thesis (2007) demonstrated using non-verbal projective approaches the role played by tone and rhythm in creating associations with a brand: a sound identity will make a very strong impact on consumer perceptions of a brand. His article in Décisions Marketing (2008), observed that today there are more and more opportunities for marketing through sound, and that brands have to think in terms of sound strategy. His work in partnership with Gaël Bonnin, Professor of marketing at NEOMA BS, published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (2012) and presented at Advances in Consumer Research (2013) shows that sound ambiance is not the only feature to take into account, since there are many other factors that influence consumer shopping value, but that on the other hand the music can have an effect on anxiety.

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