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As part of the awareness-raising campaign organised by the HeForShe NEOMA BS association, students and staff members on the Reims Campus were called on to donate feminine hygiene products for the region's women and migrants who are living in difficulty.

Myriam KADDOURI, President of HeForShe Reims, spoke to us about the campaign's success.

Could you tell us something about the campaign you initiated last year?

myriam kaddouriMyriam KADDOURI : Menstrual precariousness and periods are a taboo subject in today's society. In addition, those who are least well-off often cannot afford them due to the high cost of periodic products. With this in mind, we wanted to raise student awareness on this issue. Over the past year, we organised feminine hygiene product collections for women and migrants who are living in difficulty. Two collection boxes were made available: the idea included donating individual items as well as packets.

What kind of reaction did you get?

Myriam KADDOURI : Our association is an active branch of the UN Women France organisation on the NEOMA BS Reims Campus and we work all year round to promote equality between men and women in three main areas: gender equality, inclusion and welfare. For this really specific feminine hygiene idea, we wanted to awaken student interest through entertaining communication techniques. We used the social networks to try and create interaction and as much involvement as possible aiming at both women and men. We also tried to shock and even surprise because periods are still a taboo even among business Schools. The objective was to get people talking by highlighting these practical yet essential issues for women that are often ignored.

What was the outcome?

Myriam KADDOURI : In total, we collected 1,104 feminine hygiene products that were handed out to women and migrants living in difficulty in Reims. We are extremely proud of this result! It also displays the high level of commitment to these very real issues by the entire School community. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the campaign! Huge thanks from all the HeForShe team!

And what next?

Myriam KADDOURI : The aim of this campaign was to fight the difficulties women face coping with menstrual hygiene globally! For the year 2019 - 2020, we have decided to renew the operation, but with a particular focus on the student population. We'll be organising a distribution of reusable hygiene product kits and a debate during the second half of the year to talk about sustainable development issues. And we'll also be asking the entire School community to take part. We are also looking for the support of companies and sponsors to help us finance the project.
If you're interested, please contact us at the following e-mail address: HeForShe.neomabs@gmail.com. And please feel free to pass on the message!

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