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Developing your career prospects abroad, obtaining a professional springboard for an executive position, realizing your ambition to create your own business ... there are plenty of good reasons for taking an MBA.

But finance is always a critical issue for any project. Each year, numbers of bright and ambitious candidates give up any hope of taking this exceptional course for financial reasons. Given this situation, NEOMA Business School has decided to deploy a range of solutions to take charge of up to 50% of the tuition fees involved.

"We are fully aware that funding for tuition fees is one of the main concerns of trainees in our MBA course," explains Jérôme Couturier, Associate Dean of the Executive Education & Professional Graduate Programmes at NEOMA Business School. "Making our excellence courses available to as many people as possible is part of our commitment, because we believe that a candidate's excellence should have priority as much as possible over their financial situation".

From this year onwards, the NEOMA Business School MBA therefore includes a series of specific grants according to the candidates' profiles. This means different levels of support for tuition fees are now offered on criteria directly linked to the candidate's profile or career plan, and include a special grant for future entrepreneurs.

"Our motivation stems from the ability to guarantee our trainees have a work environment in which diversity and excellence are what count most," adds Jérôme Couturier. "With the benefit of the financial support needed to take our MBA course, you can be part of a year-class with entrepreneurs and experienced professionals with international backgrounds... In a dynamic, rich and stimulating working environment, you will be able to develop the strategic skills you need and at the same time significantly expand your professional network".

To find out if you are eligible for a special scholarship for our MBA course: information & contacts.