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Thematics :

Today, the Financial Times published its “Executive MBA 2023” ranking of 100 institutions worldwide. The Global Executive MBA of NEOMA is ranked 46th, up 32 places (78th in 2022). Among French schools, NEOMA is ranked 7th.

More specifically, NEOMA GEMBA scores remarkably well on:

  • The diversity of the faculty: 3rdin the world (in terms of internationalisation and proportion of female faculty)
  • Graduate satisfaction: 9thworldwide
  • Percentage of courses devoted to CSR: 10thworldwide
  • Carbon footprint (new criterion): 14thworldwide
  • Pre-EMBA work experience: 22ndworldwide

One month after the Financial Times “Master in Management” 2023 ranking, announcing a 25th place worldwide, with a 7-place progression for MiM programme, NEOMA has once again distinguished itself in a major international ranking. Thanks to this very positive result, for the first time the Global Executive MBA of NEOMA Business School is ranked among the top 50 programmes in the world.

Associated programme

Global Executive MBA

Expand your strategic skills, your leadership and your network with this programme of excellence.
  • Part time
  • 15 to 20 months
  • Paris, Shanghai, Tehran