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On 6 April, Philippe Mille, chef with three Michelin stars, offered a live-streaming, video cooking course to NEOMA students and employees. This friendly event involving shared skills and culinary insight was organised by the Wellness Centre, which wants to use positive experiences to break down feelings of isolation and bring the school community together.



“It made me really happy to prepare this tasty, easily accessible dish remotely with NEOMA students and staff. It was really a great time!” Philippe Mille. 


“This evening event’s goal was to create, alone or with other people, the “Happy Mille”: a delicious online recipe (quick and easy at an accessible price for everyone) for 4 people,” Christine Cazor, head of partnership development and project manager, said. In this case a “Breaded Chicken”. 

No less than 175 people participated in this big premier event at NEOMA. Everyone was won over.


The organisers planned a quiz. It was Lucie Coffinet, a student in the Global BBA programme at the Rouen campus who won the prize!