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Sharing experiences, discussing a variety of subjects and maintaining close connections is the goal of Talent Days, an event organised for students in their final year before they enter the job market. The event’s sessions have been particularly appreciated.

Two days of workshops and conferences that help students succeed with their professional integration is the goal of Talent Days. This event is organised by the Talent & Career team and put on for NEOMA students before they enter the job market. This year between November and March, no less than 1,200 MSc and MiM M2 students participated remotely in these sessions. It was an opportunity to simulate recruitment conditions and situations with interview scenarios and the employment realities in each sector of business. And who would be better to discuss that than alumni and professionals. In all, nearly 130 contributors have participated since the start of the school year to share their experiences and offer sector-specific career advice. “Some contributors have two years of experience while others have more than ten. They have already made various inroads, advancing through different positions,” Patricia Delaunay, Talent Manager from the Talent & Career department, said. 

Students feel as if they are active participants in their own integration through these games  

It was also a chance to organise workshops based on onboarding. This time, HR managers came and offered good advice by using role-playing and not simply lecturing on the subject. This was the best way for students to understand the challenges and expected behaviour. “Students feel as if they are active participants in their own integration through these games,” Ornella Di Cintio, Talent & Career coordinator, said. “The satisfaction rate above was above 85%, proving that this event met their expectations.” 

Each of the days in the event were organised in tandem with specific conferences. “Salary negotiation” led by Anne-Gaëlle Planterose, NEOMA graduate and manager of a consulting company; “The alumni association” led by Michaël Joly, 2017 MiM graduate, who discussed the importance of the network and being a part of the NEOMA family; “Business and jobs transformations” led by Candice Lhomme, manager of transformation and innovation projects at Mazars. Gérard Bouleau, COO of the Jacques Bollinger Company and NEOMA alumnus, offered his “Tips for a successful start”. “Through this event, students are able to set their sights farther down the line,” Patricia Delaunay said. “They get an overview of everything that they have experienced and learned at the school or through internships.” 


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Master in Management

With the Master in Management become a top-level business leader, capable of meeting the expectations of organisations all over the world.
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