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Thematics :

The students in the Advanced Masters in Corporate Communication Strategies continue to work for and with start-ups as part of their consulting project. As a major component of the programme, this cross-sectional project extends throughout the entire length of the Masters and allows the students to work on real issues in communications.
This year, the 40 students from the new class are going to cooperate with 6 start-ups from the health and prevention sectors, which sell products as varied as connected health tools, anti-pollution masks, a mobile app that scans cosmetic products, etc.

Last year, the students worked for NACHOS, a start-up which began in the NEOMA BS incubator and in 2018 succeeded in raising 1 million euros in funds.
In 2017, it was La Fabrique Cookies, which benefited from AM Corporate Com students’ recommendations. Founded in 2012, this company continues to expand and opened its “Big Factory” in 2017.

For more than 15 years, the Advanced Masters in Corporate Communication Strategies at NEOMA BS trains versatile experts who are able to develop and implement communication strategies. That’s why Pierrick Gomez, the programme’s pedagogic director, encourages discussions with start-ups who offer particularly interesting field studies:
As young businesses, the start-ups need clever and effective communications strategies to develop their activity. By helping them to formalise and structure their communications strategy, our students participate in their success, which is both educational and rewarding for them to see their solutions applied.

That’s why the students will perform diagnostics for 6 start-ups (Mask Génération, Ithylo, Composcan, Life Plus, AI Vision and Pixel Health) and provide them with communications recommendations in June 2019.

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