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On 17-18 November, UN Night brought together MiM students from Reims and Rouen on the NEOMA BS Reims campus.
UN Night is a unique learning experience. It combines courses in negotiation and geopolitics, with lectures by international experts to prepare students for the highlight of the event: an all-night simulation of a UN General Assembly meeting, during which they have to defend the interests of their country.

Before the simulation, students will have learnt to prepare a negotiation and develop a cooperative and competitive strategy, and will have understood the meaning of a multipartite negotiation and power relationships,” explains Dimitri Vasiljevic, professor in Negotiation at NEOMA BS, and the project coordinator.

Global stakes, physical and intellectual fatigue: the students learn by doing, in an exercise that pushes them outside their comfort zone. They test their capacity to act, to take decisions and to remain objective in the actual conditions of a major international negotiation.

It’s a very practical exercise, it helps us improve our ability to speak in public and our negotiating skills,” stresses Thibault, a Master in Management student.

This type of learning experience helps us understand diplomatic relations differently, and the role of major institutions in today’s world,” adds Charles, another Master in Management student.

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