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What will the professional world look like in 2050? In January, students at NEOMA attended the “Future of Work” seminar. To help them expand their thinking on the subject, the school organised a series of conferences.

Among them was the conference, “The positive impact of work hybridisation: how to adapt to it?” led by Romain Herbeau, a NEOMA graduate and head of Adobe’s Western Europe Digital Media Enterprise Organisation. We asked him to summarise his outlook on the future of work in three words.

In 2050, the working world will be… 


Currently, creativity remain the prerogative of a small group of individuals (entrepreneurs, product managers, agencies, etc.). But the skills of new employees will have a significant impact on the ownership of this key component in the company. Young people are already extremely experienced with digital tech without it being their core profession. Tomorrow, they’ll want to explore these skills to their proper limits.

This major trend is also reflected in the constant need of companies for intrapreneurship. The current managers are more and more concerned with their ability to innovate. This involves a culture with abounding creativity! 2050 will be thus at the centre of the creator economy.


Customer management is more experience-based than ever. As an example, we no longer judge a restaurant just on the dishes but on the overall experience. But the symmetry of attention between the employee experience and the customer experience has never been as solid because it has been proven that the more the employees are involved, the more effective they are. So, the working world will become experiential. It is not only a question of wages and advantages but an overall experience, an ability to recognise yourself in the values of the company you’ll be working for!


The Web 3.0 is in full bloom. The metaverse is only just an example of it. But the symmetry of attention will develop in the same way as the experience-based component. Why not imagine an intranet in metaverse format?