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In September, the Global BBA Programme began its first academic year on the Paris Campus. First thoughts of our new Parisian students.

An international environment open to individual initiative
Larissa GLIMATH NERIO is one of the new GBBA students. Having opted for the English track, she appreciates the energy that the group's arrival in the capital has generated. "The international aspect is what really appealed to me when I joined the GBBA. Today I am happy with the choice I made. We can sense that this is the start of the Paris campus project, but this is what makes it so exciting. We are given the freedom to manage certain projects ourselves or the initiative to drive others. The imminent arrival of the Student Office (BDE) will, I think, provide an even bigger boost," says the first-year student.
GBBA Paris oct19 2
The international context is also part of the rewarding experience offered by the GBBA. And the Campus is no exception in this respect. Sparsh BHATT is Indian. He is one of the new international students to have joined the Programme and a new arrival in France. After studying science and mathematics, Sparsh opted for the GBBA by looking at the QS ranking and seeing the quality of training offered by NEOMA. Several weeks into the course, the experience has certainly lived up to his expectations. "Everyone, the staff and students alike, is doing their utmost to ensure that I feel at home at the School as quickly as possible. It was not easy at first because I had to adapt to a new culture and a different way of working. Today, despite the language barrier, everyone makes the effort to come up and talk to me. In addition, the fact that we are in Paris means we get to live in a really exciting environment, which makes this international experience all the more rewarding on both a personal and professional level."

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