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GEMBA in Iran: start of a new class and graduation ceremony

Published on 19 January 2022 by NEOMA

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At the end of November 2021, the new participants in the Iran track of the Global Executive MBA at NEOMA started the programme and met the graduates of the previous class during the graduation ceremony.

The fourth class of the Iran track GEMBA programme started in Teheran at the end of this past year. The participants in this new class, all of whom are currently working in management positions, began their programme with a strategy seminar, led by Svetlana Serdyukov, professor in the Strategy & Entrepreneurship department at NEOMA.

It was an opportunity for the new participants to meet the former class of the Iran track, which finished its courses in the summer, during their graduation ceremony.

Olivier Lefaivre, Director of the GEMBA Business Unit, and Emilie Raillard, Programme coordinator, travelled to the event. “Coming here was essential because these meetings are an opportunity to develop our relationships and establish trusted connections with the participants, graduates and our local partner,” Olivier Lefaivre said.

Mohammad Mostafa Ebrahimi Varkiani-GEMBA-NEOMAMohammad Mostafa Ebrahimi Varkiani, graduate from the third class and founder of Moniaz, an organisation that offers thousands of free educational videos for Iranian students, taught by the best professors, talked about his GEMBA experience. “Participating in this programme helped me develop my skills and knowledge. But what I benefited from the most were the professors and excellent relationships that we had with them where you could take advantage of their incredible experience. Of course, I developed my management skills, but the GEMBA also helped me become a better person.”


With its three tracks in Iran, China and France, the Global Executive MBA at NEOMA is now a global programme that offers genuine multicultural experiences.

In addition to the diversity found in the tracks, the participants from the three countries will have more and more chances to work together on shared projects. First remotely and then in-person as soon as health conditions allow it,” said Olivier Lefaivre, director of the business unit Global Executive MBA at NEOMA Business School.

Associated programme

Global Executive MBA

NEOMA's Global Executive MBA is a high-level managerial programme that aims to train agile executives who drive innovation and social progress in the digital age.

  • Paris ou Tehran ou Shanghai

  • Start in March 2023: 15 months, Start in October 2023: 20 months,

  • English

  • Three-year Bachelor’s or higher, five years of professional experience

  • Part time: four days per month with three being business days

  • Global Executive Master of Business Administration / Level 7 Qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 34681, Executive Manager