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Global BBA: 3 days of entrepreneurship at the start of the school year

Published on 18 September 2021 by NEOMA

400 first-year Global BBA students were welcomed simultaneously at the Reims, Rouen and Paris campuses with a three-day week focused on entrepreneurship.

Based on the topic of Fashion Tech for Good, the students had the task of responding to a Fashion Tech problem, creating a pitch and developing a website on the Coding School platform.

The students also had the chance to listen to different conference speakers who came to share their experiences and advice, thereby standing out as real sources of inspiration.

Congratulations to the students, who have just finished secondary school and were able to create concepts, dream up innovations and pitch them in just three days!




Associated programme

Global BBA – Bachelor in Business Administration

Develop your business understanding, cutting-edge professional expertise and broaden your horizens to become a manager of tomorrow with this leading undergraduate programme!

  • Reims ou Rouen ou Paris 1st year

  • 4 years

  • English / French / Language of the academic partner

  • High school secondary diploma (equivalent to A levels, International Baccalaureate…)

    1st year programme admission: via the Concours SESAME

  • Full time - Apprenticeship possible for 1 year (4th year) or for 2 years (3rd and 4th years). The Apprenticeship Track is subject to a selection process after admission.

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (4-year Bachelor Degree) / Level 6 qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 36326, International Development & Entrepreneurship programme