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Thematics :

Professor in the Department of People and Organisations, Helena Gonzalez has been appointed Associate Editor of Career Development International, an ABS Rank 2 journal. Interview.

What does this position represent for you?

It is the opportunity to grow in my academic career and share my knowledge with other academics and at the same time help them advance their research.

I further hope to get insights into what it means to be on the other side of the publication team.

What are your projects and ambitions for this mandate?

To help the Career Development Journal consolidate its positioning in the OB/HR (Organizational Behavior/Human Resources) field.​​​​​​​

I also want to learn the work of help others in their publication process.

How does this new role interact with the role of professor?

It is a perfect complementary role to what I do internally at the School, as it helps me contribute to the overall academic community and to advance research in the OB/HR field.

It contributes to NEOMA’s reputation by showing that their faculty can assume positions of responsibility in the academia at an international level.