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High mountain crisis management

Published on 27 July 2022 by NEOMA

  • School life

Global Executive MBA participants and alumni attended a 4-day stress and crisis management training course with the Gendarmerie’s National Ski and Mountaineering Training Centre (CNISAG) with the objective of becoming better leaders.

In mid-May, as part of their Personal Development and Leadership course, NEOMA Global Executive MBA students experienced an exceptional and unforgettable moment! Over a 4-day period they attended a crisis management seminar in the high mountains at the Gendarmerie’s National Ski and Mountaineering Training Centre (CNISAG) in partnership with the PGHM (the High Mountain Police Patrol Unit).

“The objectives of this seminar were for the participants to discover complex crisis and risk management situations in the mountains, to learn how to cope with stress, to test and adapt their leadership skills in a crisis situation and to develop links with the professional environment,” explains Olivier Lefaivre, Director of the NEOMA Global Executive MBA Business Unit.

The main themes of the seminar included:

  • A charismatic leader can inspire confidence
  • Developing a crisis culture in the company
  • Defining a crisis management framework, assigning roles and delegating
  • Assessing the situation and making quick and careful decisions
  • Looking out for warning signs
  • Making an impact by communicating frequently and delivering key messages (both internally and externally)
  • Debriefing and learning lessons
  • Giving a sense to any actions

Kudos to the NEOMA Global Executive MBA participants and alumni for their commitment throughout the seminar and for achieving excellent results whilst stepping out of their comfort zone!

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