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Are you ready to evolve in an ever-changing world? At NEOMA Business School develop new ways to manage change making it an opportunity. Learn to adapt and meet the challenge when unexpected situations require bold innovation. Dare to see things differently, think and act along new lines, harness your talents and energy and become a dynamic player on the international scene. Break out of conventional wisdom.
Empowering yourself, empowering management.

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NEOMA Business School unveils its new corporate communication campaign

NEOMA Business School is renewing its approach to management and setting it right at the core of its strategy. To spread this news, the school unveiled a new corporate communication campaign, broadcast in different national and international media at the end of May. What is its goal? To make NEOMA Business School an attractive and legible brand embodying its position concerning leadership both in France and abroad.

Globalisation, the race for rankings and accreditations, new strategic alliances…In a fiercely competitive context, NEOMA Business School is asserting its difference with an extensive communication campaign which illustrates its vision of leadership.

The creative principle, designed by the agency Nouveau Monde DDB Toulouse, develops a simple, universal concept : explicit pictograms, based on brackets in the shape of the letter “O” that form the distinctive representation of the brand. This iconic language alongside a representative and meaningful pitch, expresses the new managerial position defended by NEOMA Business School.

Launched in May 2014, this new campaign will appear in the national and international press as well as on posters in train stations in Paris, Rouen and Reims.

NEOMA Business School has also extended its brand territory to gain legibility. Its visibility on all our communication tools will provide greater recognition for the school with a dynamic, memorable and lasting graphic code.

By communicating in this way with all its stakeholders, NEOMA Business School shows that it is living up to signature “Empowering management” and underlining its commitment to its main mission : educational training, based on a new vision of management, on graduates who will contribute to the global performance of organisations.