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Thematics :

​Each year, the city of Reims puts on an "I love Reims Campus" event to welcome their new students. For two weeks, the city plays host to what has become an not-to-be-missed student challenge comprising 4 events. 4 challenges based on 4 different themes: international, sport, cinema and culture.​

After two weeks of sports and art activities around the city, both the Arts and Sports associations were awarded prizes. Recognition of their commitment and enthusiasm during this event that brings the students together.

The NEOMA students obviously turned up in numbers for the event. For the Culture evening , the School's dance troupe, In'Motion, which is made up entirely of BDA students, performed a specially created choreography for which they were awarded the Jury's Prix du Cœur.

Ilove Reims BDA

Double reward for NEOMA's student associations

"This event allowed us to share a really great moment with many people from the city," says Hugues ROBERRINE, President of the Reims Bureau des Arts. "We weren't even thinking about the prize at the beginning. The most important thing for us was showing how enthusiastic the NEOMA BS students are. So, were really proud to represent the school and then be recognized by the jury for our 7min30 choreography that was entirely created by the group members. This victory marks the beginning of a fantastic new sportive and artistic year for NEOMA."

At the same time, the BDS Sports Association, Sport'Elements, was very much in the spotlight leading the support and cheering the School on throughout the week. The BDS even competed in one of the events and walked away with the Supporters' Prize. Their infectious enthusiasm throughout was key to their success at the end of the event.