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NEOMA's world

Thematics :

To imagine the school of tomorrow, NEOMA Business School established a collaborative initiative that implements current innovative methodologies around design-thinking approaches and connects them to its entire community — students, professors, employees and alumni — in Reims, Rouen and Paris. It concerned redefining the school’s uniqueness and key values, which guide it in its project and will stimulate its development in the coming years.
There are more than 500 community members who participated in 2018 in IMAGINEOMA, an innovative initiative founded on co-creation hackathons, online consultation and the sharing of wonderful experiences.
The objective: to create a portrait of the school’s current attractive features and its specific identity, while also imagining the projects that will form NEOMA Business School’s future identity.

•    Fostering synergies
•    Leveraging uncertainty
•    Creating possibilities
•    Putting people first

In direct connection with the school’s values, it involves 4 key values that drive it each day, those being 4 central points that are shared by everyone and guide it in order to construct the school of tomorrow.

• 400 people (80% being students) who participated in the online consultation
• 150 students, professors, employees and alumni who participated in one of the 5 hackathons
• 5 subjects: professions, skills, pedagogies, campuses and future student experience