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Thematics :

Prada Group’s "Shaping a Future" conversations have been designed to incorporate insights from younger generations. In 2018, students of the International Master in Luxury Management (IMLUX), double degree of NEOMA Business School and MIP Politecnico di Milano, went successfully through the selection process. They won the opportunity to present their project at the second edition of Prada’s group annual event, entitled "Shaping a Sustainable Digital Future".

It began with a contest both at MIP Politecnico di Milano and Yale University between 22 groups of 3 student each. Then, the finalists formed mixed groups (3 MIP + 3 Yale students) for a hackaton in Yale. Each group's project findings were submitted to a jury of Professors and Prada representatives. Only 6 groups were invited to go further.
“In the second round at Yale University, each team of the MIP students was merge with another from Yale to create 3 last teams. We work very hard for 48 hours in order to combine our ideas to create new projects to develop a sustainable future. After two intense days of hard work, I was finally lucky to be on the winning team and we had the chance to be part of the event that Fondazione Prada hosted "Shaping a Sustainable Digital Future", an event aiming to increase the awareness on significant societal, ecological and socio-economic changes. We had the chance to present our project “Being”, an initiative to implement artificial intelligence to create a sustainable future.”, enthusiastically explained Alejandro SOLIS HERNANDEZ, IMLUX student.

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