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This year the Big Data Immersion seminar for the Advanced Masters in Marketing & Data Analytics was held on the subject of Movement Analytics. Over three days at Imperial College London the participants had the special opportunity to discover and use the Data Observatory (DO), which was designed in partnership with KPMG.

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The DO at Imperial College London is the largest of its kind in Europe: with 64 screens, it offers a visual field greater than 300°. The DO’s aim is to facilitate the interpretation and analysis of complete data for the purpose of developing a data storyboard that leads to relevant recommendations.

The students from MS Marketing & Data Analytics were able to use it for three case studies on the subject of Movement analytics, meaning the use of data relating to user movement:

  • people flow: Visualisation that shows how employees in a bank moved between different departments within the company through several years. Data comprises biweekly HR record.
  • Shanghai metro: Study that shows the pulse of the Shanghai Metro in China during a day, depicting the majority of its stations. Taking data from how many people were coming in and out from the stations, they were able to visualize the pulse or flow at stations throughout the day. It also comprises a proof of concept of what is possible if a simulation model is create
  • Telematics from smartphone Data: GPS data in our mobile phones are a great source of information for insurance companies. The aim of the 'Telematics from Smartphone Data' project is to enable car manufacturers, insurers and service providers to deliver an enriched driving experience that creates loyalty and unlocks the value in vehicle. With the help of the DSI, the visualisation presented in the DO shows three user cases of how those data can be used for fraud detection, crash forensic, risk assessment and more.

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