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Thematics :

How can you reduce your carbon footprint, sort your waste and eat more responsibly? Seeing as how our planet’s future is a major concern, the school has mobilised its resources to organise Village Impact Now. From 17 to 19 January, several associations and organisations came to the three campuses to raise awareness among students over small daily efforts and behaviour that benefit the environment.


Impact now podcast alive

The student society Alive, in collaboration with @talentégal, recorded a podcast about the challenges facing people with disabilities, particularly their access to various aspects of daily life. Listen to it here:   https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1657707558014880


Impact now 2023

The school’s library selected several books on sustainable development. There are many different resources available to students that offer greater insight into environmentally friendly approaches and actions.


Impact now 2023 bar à eaux

In the middle of Village Impact Now, the Rouen-Normandie metropolitan area installed a water bar with water bottles and faucets for students to taste and compare the different water sources. 


In Paris, the “Horizons décarbonés” workshop (Carbon-free horizons), which was co-organised with the NEOMA Alumni group “Neoma engaged for positive impact”, offered the opportunity to reflect on practical solutions as well as a comprehensive vision of the different levers to reduce our carbon footprint.  


How long does it take for a battery, piece of glass or a plastic bag to disappear? Up to 200 years for tins and more than 4,000 years for batteries. Smedar, the Rouen waste management union, came to the campus to raise student awareness about waste sorting.