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Stéphane ROQUES, who graduated in 1995 from our Grande Ecole Programme, is the only French national to have been named among the prestigious ranks of the world’s 100 most influential leaders in terms of innovation, leadership or entrepreneurship.

On 22 September, during the annual AACSB conference (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) in Chicago, Stéphane ROQUES received his award from the accreditation organisation for the first edition of the “Influential Leaders” challenge.

Frank BOSTYN, Dean of NEOMA Business School, is delighted with the award. “We are very proud that AACSB, one of the best-respected organisations in the global management education landscape, has rewarded one of our alumni. This award confirms the relevance of our mission, to train responsible leaders, capable of going beyond existing models and creating a positive impact on society.”

Stéphane ROQUES, Chief Executive of Médecin Sans Frontières France, was nominated particularly for his sense of innovation, his entrepreneurial spirit and his many commitments to improve society.

“The award is an honour,” declared the NEOMA Business School alumnus. “My desire has always been to “challenge” the system and fight against injustice, particularly in the field of medicine. In fact, that was what led me to become engaged in innovative treatment for rare diseases and in humanitarian health action. Today, my work has been recognised, and this award only strengthens my determination to change things through effective commitment.”

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