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Thematics :

An international consulting and project management experience in the Master of Science in International Project Development.
As part of their curriculum, students will participate in the X-culture project and competition for two months along with 3,000 students worldwide. Starting in March, students will collaborate within virtual and multicultural teams on business challenges presented by corporate partners. All business solutions provided by these teams will be assessed by several independent experts.

NEOMA Business School’s pedagogic philosophy is deeply rooted in practice-based learning, one that in particular encourages in situ experimentation in the areas of management. This results in an on-going interaction between theory and practice as well as a wide variety of methods used in the courses and programmes.

This final project in the MSc IPD curriculum is the culmination of the integration approach that students have been experiencing throughout the year. While building skills through courses related to international business development, company cases and project management specific training (including PRINCE2 certification), the MSc IPD programme fosters learning experiences in real-life settings.

These experiential methods create a more solid framework for knowledge and greater student motivation with regard to the learning process.

X-culture project specifically helps students learn about the best practices of cross-cultural international collaboration by confronting them with challenges such as time-zones management, cross-cultural differences and virtual communication.

Last but not least, taking part in this project allows instructors, Ana Colovic and Sandrine Henneron, professors at NEOMA BS, to become involved in a global research network investigating organisation, dynamics and leadership in virtual cross-cultural teams.