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Thematics :

The role of the NEOMA Confucius for Business-Rouen, a space for discussion and the promotion of Chinese language and culture, is to act as a platform to optimise economic relations between China and France.  It offers solutions to support companies developing their activity in China.

The creation of NEOMA Confucius Institute for Business-Rouen is in continuation with the close relations established over the last three years between the Rouen Metropolitan Area (CREA) and the Autonomous Municipality of Tianjin.

Accredited by HANBAN (Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), this institute is the fruit of the close association of NEOMA Business School and the University of  Nankaï, a prestigious university in Tianjin closely linked to CREA, in partnership with the Haute-Normandie Region and the Normandy International Chamber of Commerce.  

It also benefits from the support of Laurent FABIUS, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and of Geneviève FIORASO, Minister for Higher Education and Research, as well as that of the French Ambassador in Beijing.  

Based on the NEOMA Business School Rouen campus, The Confucius Institute has the use of a dedicated area with offices, classrooms and lecture halls. It is also equipped with a documentary and teaching resource centre with nearly 3000 books (in French, English and Chinese) on Chinese history, economy, literature, thinking, gastronomy and art.

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