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Thematics :

Thirty-five partner universities, feedback from twenty students, twenty-four countries represented: International Day was held on the NEOMA Business School virtual campus on 2 December.

This wonderful annual event aimed to prepare students for their departure abroad for an academic exchange at one of NEOMA’s renowned partner universities. Partners, students and graduates from around the world contributed to the event on the school’s virtual campus.

Thirty-five of the school’s prestigious partners such as Nagoya University, the only school in Japan with triple accreditation, or Università Bocconi, the famous Milan school, presented the academic programmes offered to NEOMA BS students during an academic exchange.

Twenty students currently doing an academic exchange at one of the partner schools in the network or returning from abroad shared their experiences, like Louis at St. Gallen University or Leena, a graduate living in India where NEOMA has the IIM Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata as one of its partners.