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A look back at International Day, the opportunity for NEOMA students to discover the partner universities of their future academic exchange through previous students’ experience. Testimonies.

On 1 December, on Reims, Rouen and Paris NEOMA campuses, took place a day dedicated to discovering our international academic partners to help students prepare for their future study abroad experience. And what could be more invaluable to a student going on an exchange than to hear about the experiences of students who have returned from study abroad?

The students share their international experience

Louis, a final year MiM student, spent a semester at Bentley University in Boston, USA

This exchange was my best experience at NEOMA in terms of meeting people and getting involved, that’s why I’m here, to help students make the right choices so that they can also have such a rich international experience.

Nina, a MiM Master Year 1 student, will be studying abroad in September 2023

“I am very keen to study in Canada or the United States. I came to find out as much information as possible about these countries and universities, especially in terms of the grades and IELTS score required.”

Mathis, a third year GBBA student, spent a semester in Spain, at ESIC Madrid

“It was important for me to share my experience because I didn’t get to go to an event like this before leaving for my exchange. Students are looking for information about the university, the city and the country, it’s really nice!”

Margaux, a final year MiM student, spent a semester at Tel Aviv University

Israel is not necessarily the most popular destination for study abroad and I enjoyed my time there so much that I wanted to come and explain why and maybe change some people’s minds about this destination, which has had a profound effect on me because of its diversity and rich culture, its spirituality and its history.

Julio, a MiM Master Year 1 student, currently on an exchange at NEOMA, came to present his home university: Libero Istituto Universitario Carlo Cattaneo, Milan

“This is a great opportunity for me to meet people. This type of event is not offered at my school and I think that the idea of sharing between students is great, so it was easy for me to want to come talk about my school and my country.”

Guillaume, a third year GBBA student, just back from a year at Bentley University in Boston, USA

“The main reason why I wanted to participate in this event was to share. Everyone has a lot of questions about the grades and rankings you need. We’re here to reassure and encourage people to go for it without holding back!”