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From the start of the 2018 academic year, the NEOMA Business School Global BBA will offer its students a unique opportunity - the chance to pursue part of their apprenticeship contract abroad!

The GBBA makes it possible to choose an apprenticeship during the last two years of the course. This formula, where you can alternate business experience and study, enables students to finance their studies and begin to acquire considerable professional experience, even before they graduate.
From the start of the 2018 academic year, thanks to e-learning courses and by adapting the pattern of the block release, it will be possible for students of the Global BBA at NEOMA Business School to follow the final semester of their course abroad. This is a hitherto unknown opportunity in the world of Higher Education in France.
As a major feature of our Global BBA is its openness to the international scene, it was highly relevant to create an arrangement to allow our students to combine their traineeship with a residence abroad,” says Sarah Cooper, Director of the Global BBA at NEOMA Business School.

A response adapted to the needs expressed by businesses with serious ambitions for international expansion
The apprenticeship semesters spent abroad will give the host business the opportunity to immerse the student in its culture, while allowing them to fully achieve their professional training requirements.
The organisations hosting our apprentices have export objectives or wish to create international subsidiaries. With this innovative formula, they will be able to train their apprentices before they leave for 6 months abroad, and therefore bring their experienced apprentices as close as possible to their ambitions beyond our borders.”

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