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Thematics :

For the past 15 years of the programme, thirty teachers in the Advanced Master in International Financial Analysis at NEOMA have contributed to a reference book, published in September 2020 with Gualino publishers.

« Analyse financière internationale, Stratégie, évaluation financière et gestion d’actifs» (International Financial Analysis, Strategy, financial evaluation and asset management) is the result of a large collaboration among teachers, professors and finance professionals from the AM IFA. Brought together by Catherine Karyotis, professor of Banking and Market Finance at NEOMA and director of the programme, they have published a reference book that covers all aspects of financial analysis. It is intended for both students in finance and professors of financial analysis.
The book is educational, instructional and clear, reflecting our image in the field of finance, which is an essential part of the school’s DNA. It is a complete guide that sets out the skills that need to be acquired in market and corporate finance—without putting them at odds since their continually influence one another—in order to master all of the intricacies of the financial analyst profession,” Catherine Karyotis said.

The book’s preface is written by Anne-Claire Roux, managing director of Finance for Tomorrow and partner of the AM IFA, and it reinforces the teaching focused on green and sustainable finance through contributions from professionals in the sector and practical areas of research provided for students.

In an effort of collective generosity, the co-authors of the book decided to pay over all of their copyrights royalties to the NEOMA Foundation, which will contribute to helping future students access excellence programmes, including finance programmes!