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Thematics :

They are coming from China, India, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Australia, Morocco, Brazil, … They discover our campuses and often visit France for the first time. That’s why our school decided to dedicate them a special day.

With the support of students unions, specially international union and art union, sports union or main students union, … our campuses were animated on Saturday September the 8th, thanks to the International Welcome Days. The main objective was to help the new international students to get rapidly essential administrative information and to learn more about French culture and the characteristics of the area where they arrive to study.

At 10:00am, international students were welcomed. They attended to a general presentation giving them details on NEOMA BS services and on French administrations.

At noon, the traditional group picture immortalised this moment. A lunch was offered to all the participants.

In the afternoon, international students had the opportunities to open a French bank account, get information on health care and insurance, … by participating to the forum of partnerships. It was also the perfect time to test the good spirit on our campuses and get some “souvenirs” with the caricature, photo booth, soft play area, cooking demonstration, …

French students were volunteers to animate all these activities. By combining helpful and fun, NEOMA BS showed all its potential of welcoming and services.

International Welcome Days